Understanding Vulnerable Children

GivHOPE Executive Coordinator, Mrs. Helene Pieume, undertook a follow-up mission to the United States of America organized by several organizations that deal with vulnerable populations and churches for experiences and knowledge sharing exercises.

On her day two, Mrs. Pieume, accompanied by Ms. Liliane C. Konguep, GivHOPE Accounting Commissioner, met with the Catholic Women Association (CWA).

Our day three took place at the Trinity Assembly of God. This meeting was somehow the most unexpected one because the Sr. Pastor was out of town the whole week and came back with a much-tied schedule. By God’s grace, he found a room in his overcrowded agenda to meet me and Dr. Emmanuel Ngollo Dina, the President of GivHOPE Independent Discipline Committee.

Our next meeting was with Reaching the Nations Ministries International (RNMI) whose mission is “We Have the Mandate to preach The Restoration Gospel of Jesus Christ. Together, We Will Reach the Nations, One Life at a Time”.

We Have a Mandate to preach The Restoration Gospel of Jesus Christ. Together, We Will Reach the Nations, One Life at a Time!

Again, we were honored to speak to the Brethren and present GivHOPE objectives, mission, vision and program activities in plenary. “I believe such an initiative entails serious and huge challenges”, said Reverend Kange. Then he asked the congregation to pray for us. I was personally very moved by his kind words.

At the same time, by extraordinary and divine circumstances, we had many other good online and telephone discussions with special friends such as Katherine, Mustafa, Fred, Andrew, John, Jeff, Eric, Jan, Salomon, Kofi, Jean-Philippe and Jacques (Last names voluntarily omitted).


As a matter of fact, this mission constituted preliminary follow-up discussions we had with most of these organizations and churches last year and it felt in straight line with the framework of our vision to launch GivHOPE in remote areas of Cameroon next year and within the Central Africa sub-region while looking for ways to go international. In short, we wanted to learn from others, look for mentoring and tutoring, including other opportunities God might put on our way to reaching our goals. We have planted the seeds and hope the harvest will bear abundant fruits that reflect the flowers of our efforts. Brochures on us were distributed to all our friends.

The beneficiaries of GivHOPE support under its programs and projects are vulnerable children, especially street children, teens and youths from 5 to 35 years old who have either the street as home or those who come to the street to fend for their families and go back home. GivHOPE wants to reduce the outbreak of street live phenomenon in Cameroon, such as street begging, children fundamental rights violation and social exclusion, leading to improvements in target groups spiritual, socio-economic and psychological education and health. Income generating activities, specific personal development assistance, mentoring and tutoring programs are also some of our inclusive packages in order to give hope and our friendship to these underprivileged children while continuing to support their related families’ activities to reduce their economic hardship that sometimes force them to push their upbringings to the street.  In short, street children’ sense of belonging at home is very important to any positive achievements. It starts with GivHOPE

said, Helene Pieume.  

With a thankful heart, we are grateful to all our friends near or far who gave us a word of encouragement, and we look forward to your sustainable multiform support.