GivHOPE to Disburse 1,000,000.00 XAF

GivHOPE team on May 27, 2019 launched its first batch of income generating micro projects to the benefit of ex-street youths in the Center, Adamawa and Far North Regions. This program is going to cover 4 out of 10 Regions of Cameroon: Adamawa, Center, Littoral and Far North Regions for an amount of 1,000.000.00 XAF for income generating micro-projects to the benefit of ex-street youth we withdraw from the street. Bello, Victor, Bakari, Clement and Roukhayatou received 500,000.00 XAF to settle as foodstuff traders. The amount allocated to each beneficiary depends on his/her needs and capacity to well manage the funds. We were accompanied by our media crew to immortalize the event and the whole market was like holding their breath at our passage, not believing what was happening.  Inquisitively, many passersby came to witness the event. There were signs of satisfaction on every face when we pulled out the money and handled it to the different vendors to their benefit. Our next move is the Littoral Region where 3 street youths will be giving the opportunity to go into apprenticeship in various technical areas and at the same time being self-employed.

For a population that lives in extreme poverty, GivHOPE was seen by the many families we visited like a savior.  The Sr. family member whose welcome address was greeted with thunderous applause from the people present said this gesture of taking in charge the underprivileged ones attests that there are still some humanitarian actors out there. To assure them on the seriousness of our action, the Executive Coordinator of GivHOPE, Madam Helene Pieume, announced that this is the beginning of a tied and sustainable relationship between them and us.   

No socioeconomic and professional reinsertion, No Personal Development for ex-street youth.

 “Without the socioeconomic reinsertion and follow-up, there can be no real personal development for these ex-street children and their families. There can be no hope and the probability for them to return to the street is higher than expected and their conditions even worse than before.” These words from Madam Pieume told the real story about street life phenomenon and reminded the families of their responsibilities and capital role in the education of their offsprings.  But the issue of extreme poverty affecting some of these Regions, hence  the families, is also very present leaving parents with little control over their children and sometimes even pushes them to send these children as beggars to fend for the family. They often come to the street with diverse backgrounds and problems (psychological and physical traumas and sometimes with chronic diseases). On the street, they become exposed to other dangers (drugs, sexual exploitation, violence, banditry, crime). They do not have access to basic hygiene, proper habitation, food, medical care and protection as per the Convention on the rights of children and in keeping with the respect of fundamental human rights of persons.

GivHOPE is a straight answer to this rampant and shameful phenomenon and believes “street life” issue must be addressed because these youths are already entangled with the judiciary system. GivHOPE offers them a second chance and assists them to better transition to adulthood and transcend the past, hence helps them make positive changes in their lives thanks to Bible teaching, preventive measures and urgent response mechanisms.

Our last week visit to the Adamawa Region carried with it the symbol that all is not lost but that ex-street youths and their families are encouraged to forge ahead their destiny with the steering of the ship of GivHOPE.

GivHOPE has so far sponsored more than 100 income generating micro projects ranging from selling groceries such as tomatoes, pineapples, dried corn, fufu, oranges, ripe bananas, peppers, peanuts, onions, broccolis to small street businesses, especially mobile phone booths; building construction equipment –second hand tractors-, and supply of second hand female and infants clothing for a total amount of 14,000.00 US$ equivalent. We paid tuition to 13 children and students (basic education to university) and placed 15 young boys and girls in the private sector and vocational training centers (law firm, trade, manufacture and electricity Companies as Jr. Jurist, sale agents, security guard, plastic art crafter, teacher, cable electrician). Among our graduates, we have a police inspector, 2 high school graduates and 1 3rd year university student. 90% of these activities have been successfully completed to the satisfaction of both the stakeholders and the beneficiaries.

Before the end of the year 2019, we will have founded 15 more income generating micro projects amounted to 1,000.000.00 XAF, bringing the total number of projects to 100 for the equivalent of 14,000.00 US$.

The rate of street children enrollment is increasing every day and stands on May 31, 2019 at 115 street youth aged between 20 and 39. These positive results stem from GivHOPE communication strategy by drawing the attention of all stakeholders to this shameful situation. We meet with family members, develop strong relationships with them through our individual and group counseling programs. We organize high level periodic meetings, conferences and open-doors aimed at monitoring and showcasing the progress of projects and programs; developing greater confidence between the technical staff of GivHOPE and their counterparts; drafting monthly, semester and annual activities and financial reports; producing articles, memos, and documentaries of our work; developing a culture of partnership; and promoting a better understanding of the national aspects of the street children phenomenon. In short, everything is done to ensure that at the end, programs and projects prepared by GivHOPE follow participative consultative approaches, through workshops, seminars and beneficiary assessments. Within the framework of this collaboration, themes of common interest are established to implement the conception, financing and design of communication programs, advocacy and awareness campaigns.

We are pleased to inform you that the IRS has designated GivHOPE as a tax-exempt Private Non-Profit Organization under IRS Code Section 501 (c) – Employee ID number 82-5187523, which makes your donation to GivHOPE tax-deductible.

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